A Missing Package  

CategoryButcherblock Mountains
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Related Items:
dwarven backpack
Min Coin: 44s, 92c
Max Coin: 49s, 2c
Choice Of:
Irontoe Sapper's Wristlet
Irontoe Chaplain's Wristlet
Irontoe Geomancer's Wristlet
Irontoe Sentry's Wristlet
Faction Changes:

Verung Kae'Rush at West Fort Irontoe has a more dangerous mission for you.

  1. Head northwest of the outpost and cross the bridge over Darkfall Gorge.
  2. Obtain the dwarven backpack near Kamp Krulkiel around 58, 196, -324 .
  3. Once the backpack is obtained, a soloable group of four bugbears will spawn and attack.
  4. Speak with Opus Froth at the Butcherblock Dock. ( 695, 24, 602 )
  5. Return to Verung at West Fort Irontoe.

Feeding the Irontoe Brigade Butcherblock Mountains
Quest Series
West Fort Irontoe
Reporting to Wyrwynne
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