An Intriguing Eye  

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Min Coin: 5s, 67c
Max Coin: 5s, 97c
A Bloodsaber meddler note

Adair Barnes and a pile of books
This quest is obtained by examining the pile of books behind Adair Barnes in The Down Below, and choosing to read "The Flight of the Crow".

The first step is to kill Bloodsaber meddlers until you find a note/clue. This is a rare drop, so be prepared to kill many of them. Once you have received it, examine it.

You must then speak to Gornit Penwiggle. He's in Qeynos Province District, next to the Guild Registrar at 831.39, -23.55, 125.38 .

Gornit will ask you to kill coiled burrowers and rabid shrillers in The Down Below for him. After you complete this task he will tell you that he doesn't have the coins, but someone else does.

A statue with a strange indention in the hand
From there you speak to Proprietor Blagard in Qeynos Province District ( 827, -13, 33 ) . He will refer you to Constable Arathur in Qeynos Province District ( 780, -20, -14 ) , who will then ask you to kill a fallen noble in The Down Below (on top of the stairs back by the four graves).

After you receive the item from the Fallen Noble you head back a couple of rooms and find "A statue with a strange indention in the hand" at -146, -0.08, -73.95 . Click on that and you will zone into Crow's Nest, an instanced zone.

Once inside of Crow's Nest you can start the quest, The Stout Merchant Manifest.

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The Stout Merchant Manifest
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