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Min Coin: 19g, 93s, 2c
Max Coin: 22g, 2s, 3c
Glowing Gem of Prowess
Faction Changes:

Started by Sirris Xanx at -203, 121, -610 after finishing the quest "What Makes Them Mist?"

Find 5 Dragonscales in the mid tier of the Mistgoblin camp. (Found 1 near where you jump up.) They look like "?" marks and are randomly spawned. To tell the difference between them and real "?" marks, click on them. Real "?" marks will target and display a "?". The Dragonsacles show nothing.

Next, confront a mistgoblin shaman. Get just outside of agro range and hail him with the "H" key. He turns into a NPC and makes a speech.

Now investigate to the North of the Mistgoblin's camp for the Dragon. Go to the upper tier where you collected totems earlier. I got my update at 19, 155, -864

Return to Sirris for your reward: 20 Gold, 2 Copper, +2,000 faction with Kunzar Jungle Villagers.

What Makes Them Mist? Kunzar Jungle
Quest Series
Kunzar Jungle Villages
Faction: Kunzar Jungle Villagers
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