Dog Day Reconnaissance  

Grants AA
CategorySteamfont Mountains
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 27s, 67c
Max Coin: 29s, 97c
Choice Of:
Wicked Blade of Mastery
Round Shield of Discarded Parts
Knuckles of Intuitive Mauling
Orb of Discarded Parts
Symbol of Discarded Parts
Orcish Spellcaster
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Waynil Garwater in Gnomeland Security Headquarters wants you to conduct reconaissance on the following locations:

  • Camp Redcap at -416.35, 92.15, 879.82
  • Camp Cobalt at -387.64, 101.92, 1039.96
  • Camp Vink at -299.01, 91.47, 1029.38
  • Camp Riridus at -256.99, 90.39, 898.96

You will get discovery XP for all 4 locations the first time you visit them.

Steamfont Mountains
Quest Series
Gnomeland Security Headquarters
Biting Back At Those That Bark
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