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an Order of Rime brazier
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Game Update #52
Monument and Might
June 16, 2009

See Rantiri Skelbre on The Sheet.

  1. Kill a magma scolder for a Fire elemental sample in Mines of Nurga
    • Upon entering the Mines of Nurga, stay right on the dirt path. This path will lead you to a lava puddle right below the ladder to Nu'roga. The mob for the quest will spawn here.
  2. Kill 3 omensplinter clompers for Earth elemental samples in the Lake of Ill Omen. Killing crabs and fish helps these to spawn, and they typically spawn offshore south of the Omen's Call dock. They can be found around 284, -129, 398 .
  3. Kill a whirling guster for a Air elemental sample in the Lake of Ill Omen
    • This mob is not found on a flat rock. It is a large jagged rock right across from the dock of Omen's Call (can be found around 397.25, -87.85, -224.69 )
  4. Kill a docile water elemental for a Water elemental sample in the Lake of Ill Omen (can be found around 437.57, -121.06, 404.19 )
  5. Return to Rantiri Skelbre.


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  1. ^ I actually got +1800 when I turned it in.

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