Blades: Captive of the Alliz Raef Ew  

CategorySinking Sands
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Min Coin: 8g, 57s
Max Coin: 8g, 97s
Faction Changes:

This is one of several repeatable Blades faction raising quests given by Mahir Lu'ay at the docks of The Sinking Sands.

You must first head to -240, -112, -350 near the southwest corner of the zone and click the cage there. You can invis to it or kill the guards.

After this you must rescue the Captive Merchant on the island in the Alliz Raef Oasis (near twin tears) ( -508, -133, -790 ). There is an update that happens between the cage and the captive merchant ( -375.85, -117.00, -653.85 ) that is necessary for the quest to complete.

When you hail her four solo Alliz Raef will spawn. Kill them and hail her again.

After this you must escort the Captive Merchant to Mahir for coin and faction.

The Sinking Sands
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The Court of Blades

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