The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 6: The Guns of Brokenskull (Good)  

Grants AA
Grants SP
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 22g, 11s, 70c
Max Coin: 25g, 12s, 77c

The Great Morsley believes that the best way to break up the Brokenskull would be begin a war between the Ykeshans and the Brokenskull.

  1. Speak with Captain Lip Marrsquire ( 115,-88,-500 ) about the Grozmok Stone, he wants you to retrieve the stone for him.
  2. After you finish assisting Gurlig, return to Captain Lip Marrsquire. He will send you to retrieve the stone from the tent next to Gurlig at ( 116,-88,-479 ) (clickable rock near npc)
  3. Kill Captain Wavesmasher at the top of Brokenskull Rock ( -1762,-966,2642 )
  4. Place the stone you collected on the platform right next to the Captain you just killed
  5. Destroy catapults:
    • Catapult on top of the rock ( -1737,-975,2558 )
    • Furthest of the East Catapults ( -1762,-1019,2488 )
    • Furthest of the west Catapults ( -1554,-1007,2739 )
    • Catapult at the bottom of the rock ( -1879,-1094,2729 )
  6. Return to Professor Fondfate at Firmroot Moot
    • Note that Professor Fondfate will immediately offer you the Chapter 7 quest, which is timed, and the timer starts as soon as you accept the quest. If you accept it and are not ready to start, you can delete it or just let the timer run out.


  • At least 22g, 11s, 70c, 16644 status 
The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 5: Breaking the Chains Moors of Ykesha
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The Shadow Odyssey, Chapter 7: The Drums of War
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