Golden Feathers Shall Carry You  

Grants AA
CategorySilent City: The Delving Dead
Level90 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Choice Of:
Mark of Manaar
Void Shard
Primal Velium Shard

Game Update #61
August 25, 2011

Examine the Monolith of Tears near the zone-in of Silent City: The Delving Dead at 143, 30, 208 . There are several choices to give quests here. The quests scale to your level. Not all quests may be available dependent on your real level.

Choose Slay the one who claims my station? to get this quest.

  1. Find the Hall of Hidden Paths. This is behind the second barrier at 531, -2, 418 .
  2. Fire the catapult at Amenophas Livingspirit. There are two catapults in the Hall of Hidden Paths at 531, -1, 499 and 536, -1, 388 .
    • The final room holds Amenophas Livingspirit, who flies high enough that the room can be safely cleared without aggroing him. During his fight he will cease combat and fly to the ceiling, spawning 3 eggs that should be destroyed quickly, otherwise they will spawn harpies. After destroying the eggs wipe out the groups of gnoll defenders at both catapults, then fire any one of the catapults to bring Amenophas back down.
  3. Kill Amenophas Livingspirit.

After Amenophas is dead this quest will auto-complete.

The Delving Dead
Quest Series

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