Harvesting the Fungus  

Grants AA
CategoryLesser Faydark
Related Zone:
Related Items:
Faydark Amanita
Min Coin: 12g, 57s, 51c
Max Coin: 12g, 79s, 82c
Choice Of:
Earring of Called Growth
Earhoop of Called Growth
Spike of the Frenzied Growth
Facet of the Frenzied Growth
Faction Changes:

Duchess Maareanna asks you to get 12 Faydark Amanita Specimens from the caves to help cure Bristlecone the treant. Faydark Amanina Specimens are a ground spawn found deep within the Myconid Caves.

Go to the Myconid Caves of Lesser Faydark and search out the nursery where the Lesser Amanita grow. The nursery is fairly deep in the tunnel, heading west/south around ( 456, -22, -224 ).

Completing this quest opens up "Unbinding the Suffered".

Harvesting the Fungus Lesser Faydark
Quest Series
The Fae Court
Unbinding the Suffered
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