Hide of the Fleshgoyle  

This quest is initiated by examining a "Superb Fleshgoyle Hide". This item is dropped by Fleshgoyles in the Tombs of Night. You must acquire a few items to help shape this into a leather tunic. They are:

  • Collect 6 Ideal Fleshgoyle Hides from Fleshgoyles
  • Examine the Superb Fleshgoyle Hide
  • Collect 10 Barbed Fishing Hooks from Mist Grinnin Fishers
  • Examine the Superb Fleshgoyle Hide
  • Heat the Hides over a large fire, such as what the Grinnin Fisherman cook on 64, -40, 60 in the "Tombs of Night" instance, spawns when the Netslingers are killed)
  • Examine the Superb Fleshgoyle Hide again

Bloodline Chronicles
Quest Series

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