Pip Fuzzletwig, Storm Chaser  

CategoryTenebrous Tangle
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 10g, 74s, 80c
Max Coin: 10g, 95s, 10c
Choice Of:
Azure Gemmed Bracelet of Resolve
Azure Gemmed Bracelet of Reason
Azure Gemmed Bracelet of Alacrity
Azure Gemmed Bracelet of Piety

Pip Fuzzletwig has asked if I could locate the storm cells in the area and test their wind strength.

  1. I should search for storm cells and gauge their wind strength (0/6)
    • You can find some upriver by the temple. Kill them.
  2. Return to Pip.

Your reward is 10g, 74s, 80c 

Pip Fuzzletwig, Explorer Tenebrous Tangle
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