Lynchpin's Abduction  

Related Zone:
Min Coin: 14g, 81s, 38c
Max Coin: 15g, 90s, 43c
Radiating Gem of Prowess
Faction Changes:

Lynchpin, a favorite of everyone at Dreg's Landing, has been kidnapped by Drolvargs! You must find her and rescue her!

  1. Find Lynchpin in a hollow tree, at 399, 23, -167
  2. Kill the drolvarg surrounding her
  3. Right-click on Lynchpin to fly her back to safety

My Enemy's Enemy Kylong Plains
Quest Series
Here in my Sokokar I Feel Safest of All
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OOC The name of the sokokar, Lynchpin, is also the title of a song by Fear Factory. This is relevant because the song that follows Lynchpin on the album is a cover of Cars, by Gary Neuman.

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