A Strange Stone Wedge  

This quest is initiated by examining a Dull Wedge. This wedge drops randomly on Bloodskulls, Snakes, Giants, Vulriches and Armadillos in The Commonlands.

  1. Collectfive whetstones. These drop off of a Sandstone Giant in the Yapping Maze outside of Fallen Gate.
  2. Find a suitable handle. This is done by killing six undead pirates ( A Pirate of Gunthak) at -1141.06,-149,-854.41 . They are underwater straight off the Freeport Dock. After collecting all six peg legs, the quest will update.
  3. The last order of business is to kill 5 elephants in the Commonlands to obtain material for the grip. Find some around -337, -48, -551

Quest Series

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