Bring on the Blight  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Related Items:
Hand of Pestilence
Min Coin: 57s, 32c
Max Coin: 1g, 64s, 35c
Choice Of:
Ghastly Fist of Pestilence
Grisly Claw of Pestilence
Lurid Fist of Pestilence
Decayed Claw of Pestilence
Grim Claw of Pestilence
Gruesome Claw of Pestilence
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  1. Speak to a blighted citizen in your home city
  2. Speak to Hrath Everstill in Gorowyn
  3. Infect a healthy citizen of Gorowyn using the Hand of Pestilence.
    • It fails, so return to Hrath
  4. You receive the much stronger Fist of Pestilence
  5. Infect 12 healthy citizens of Gorowyn using the Fist of Pestilence.
  6. Return to Hrath Everstill
  7. There is a healer, seeking to undo the great work. Go to the Conservatory of the Reborn and put an end to this problem!
    • When you enter the Conservatory of the Reborn (at 2697,137,1353 ) you will be attacked by Sister Evvie. Kill her!
  8. Return to Hrath Everstill

Rewards offered are dependent on class and level. Fists are Fighter/Priest, Claws are Mage/Scout/Warrior.

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Yes, we know it is spelled "Putrefied", but that is how it is spelled in-game so we have to use that.

A Prophet Returns
Quest Series
Crusade of Infection
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This article refers to events, personae and activities that were introduced for the A Prophet Returns World Event, which went live with GU45 on 5/13/2008 and ended with GU46 on 6/17/2008.

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