Kouryick the Traitor  

CategoryThe City of Freeport
Required Mobs:
The Overlord's Appreciation

This quest is given by Captain Rillian in West Freeport if you hand him the slip at the end of the Kouryick's Missing Cargo quest.

After you get the quest from Rillian, you must speak with Kouryick in East Freeport at . (upstairs in the Seafarer's Roost) You find him in a drunken state talking about his problems. You suggest to him to talk in a more private location. Once this is done, Kouryick and Rillian will both spawn in the hallway leading away from the dock in Longshadow Alley.

Captain Rillian spawning will cause Kouryick to attack you. He is level 13. Knock him out (kill him), and then speak to Captain Rillian, who will give you a very nice neck slot item called The Overlord's Appreciation.

Kouryick's Missing Cargo Freeport Villages
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