A Sleeping Stone: The Cudgel of Obviation  

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Loosely Bound Cudgel
Eye of Thalger
Cudgel of Obviation

This quest is part 9 of 9 for the Fabled version of the Mystic-only Epic Weapon, Cudgel of Obviation.

When you have completed A Sleeping Stone: Dark Enlightenment (branch of spiritwood), A Sleeping Stone: Restoring Valor (stalk of earthvine), and A Sleeping Stone: Great Beasts (4 claws), return to Takk for this quest.

  1. Takk sends you back to the Hidden Vale at -2, 73, -14 in Antonica. Bring a group
    • All must be level 80 or higher to enter.
    • Use your Eye of Thalger before you encounter the final named.
  2. Kill all the Darkened Spirits.
  3. Kill the Shade of Sellok.
    • Sellok will become invisible to all but yourself, as your eyes can see the spirit world. Therefore, during this fight, have everyone target you, and YOU target the Shade of Sellok.
    • As Sellok loses health, he will call forth shrieking phantasms (level 80) to gnaw away at the party. Do not lose focus and concentrate on destroying the evil master. Once he falls, his minions are easy to pick off.
  4. Find the Loosely Bound Cudgel in your inventory and equip it. Right click on the altar and destroy it.

Speak to Takk again to start the quest for your Mythical.

A Sleeping Stone: Dark Enlightenment
A Sleeping Stone: Restoring Valor
A Sleeping Stone: Great Beasts
Mystic Epic Weapon
Quest Series
Awakening the Cudgel
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