Buccaneer Desert Investigations  

Grants SP
CategoryCity Tasks
Related Zones:
Required Mobs:
Related Items:
a Rin'Dal history scroll
a Rujarkian alliance note
City Token
Faction Changes:

Tier 6 city writ designed for groups. Given by Lieutenant D'Raka in the Seafury Buccaneer guild in South Freeport. He asks you to do one of four random quests:

  • Retrieve some of the Rin'Dal history scrolls in the Living Tombs.
  • Hunt down the commerce sentinels in the Living Tombs.
  • Hunt down the steelslave maulers and gather patrol routes. (Clefts of Rujark)
  • Find notes on the Rujarkian alliance with other orcish tribes throughout the Shattered Lands. They should be scattered around the Clefts of Rujark.

Reward is personal faction and personal and guild status.

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