Goz Hepplewhite, Certifiable Genius  

This quest is initiated by talking to Goz Hepplewhite in Gnomeland Security Headquarters in Steamfont Mountains.

He wants you to collect 20 Oculus discs from clockwork creatures around the steamfont mountains. These seem to be fairly regular updates from mechanical creatures around Steamfont Mountains. Upon collecting twenty updates, return to Goz.

Goz informs you upon your return that they are scratched and will not do. He sends you to talk to Bindo Frugrin to get the discs polished. Bindo sends you out again to find 5 steam essences from a Steam Gargantua in the Steamfont Wetlands area around -560, 61, 1675 near the harpies, and after collecting them, return to Bindo who polishes the discs.

Now it's time to return to Goz. He insists that you watch him test his device. After some scripted action in which he humiliates himself, the quest will update, talk to him once more to finish it.

Steamfont Mountains
Quest Series

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