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Emblem of Ancestral Passing
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Signet of Ancestral Passing

This is one of several quests given by Disciple Shula in the Pillars of Flame.

She asks you to recover some Crystals from the Grueling Pits in the goblin camp to the north of here. +145, -87, -972 Also reported at:

  • 146, -101, -1089
  • 176, -95, -1071
  • 181, -91, -1027
  • 214, -97, -1031
  • 179, -95, -1091

These look like large gemstones. You must examine six of them and "chip off a piece" when the option comes up.

Then return to Disciple Shula for coin and experience.

Amongst the Mad Pillars of Flame
Quest Series
Ortallian Encampment
Of an Order
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