Lost in the Forest  

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Min Coin: 1s, 59c
Max Coin: 1s, 77c
Faction Changes:

This is the 4th quest in the Militia Quest Line in Nektulos Forest.

After you complete Marauding Murkblooms, talk with Lieutenant Kaneth again and he gives you another quest: Lost in the Forest. You have to find what happened to a missing patrol on his way back from N'Mar's Ascent.

  1. Go along the road toward N'Mar's Ascent. After a min or so you will see a glowing in the middle of the road -334, -0, -344 . Harvest it.
  2. From where you harvested the glowing head straight West across the river. You swim across first part, cross Behemoth island, cross river again, always heading west. On the opposite shore you will spot a lost sentry. Hail him and you learn about the patrol fate.
    • NOTE: a lost sentry will despawn after you talk to him. If multiple people are doing quest you need to sync your clicks. Last response is "What?"
    • 3 corpse beetles will burst from the sentry. Kill them if you want but they are not needed for the quest.
  3. report of your finding to Lieutenant Kaneth to conclude this quest.
Marauding Murkblooms Nektulos Forest
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Message to N'Mar'S Ascent
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