A Sleeping Stone: Dark Enlightenment  

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spiritwood branch

This quest is part 6 of 9 for the Fabled version of the Mystic-only Epic Weapon, Cudgel of Obviation.

  1. Go to Everfrost.
  2. From the docks, jump into the water and head eastwards, aiming for the ice tunnel that leads to the bulk of Everfrost. Head north through the ice tunnel, and when you exit, travel north just a little further, to -225, 5, -353 .
  3. Right click to pray at the altar. You will zone into A Spiritual Pocket
  4. Speak with Hulgren. He sends you to find a Tome in Kunark.
  5. Go to Charasis: Vault of Eternal Sleep in Jarsath Wastes. Bring a group!
    • The Tome is in the pit trap on the northern part of the Hall of Sleeping Heroes. You must know Death's Whisper to read the note within it.
  6. Return to Hulgren in the Spiritual Pocket in Everfrost. He sends you to find a spiritwood branch.
  7. Go to Kylong Plains. The Spiritwood looks just like regular T8 wood nodes, but is named "a branch of spiritwood". A Gnomish Divining Rod is recommended to speed up the search. Finding the branch completes this part of the quest.

You must also complete A Sleeping Stone: Restoring Valor and A Sleeping Stone: Great Beasts before the final quest.

A Sleeping Stone: Dark Shadows Mystic Epic Weapon
Quest Series
A Sleeping Stone: The Cudgel Of Obviation
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