Once Upon a Fallen Star  

Grants AA
CategoryThundering Steppes
Started Bya jagged metal cluster
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Required Mobs:

This is the quest for the Fallen Star Mace. It is initiated by examining a Jagged Metal Cluster. This item drops on giants, centaurs and skeletons in The Thundering Steppes.

The first step is to find a handle for the mace. This item is found on any of the undead in The Thundering Steppes.

The next step involves searching the craters of The Thundering Steppes. What you're looking for is a piece of rock which can be found on the scaffold in the water filled crater with the miners, near The South East Station and should be next to Miner Mallus ( -477, 0, 252 ) . Doubble click or select 'pick the rock up' to update the quest.

The next step is to kill 25 giants in The Thundering Steppes.

Thundering Steppes
Quest Series

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