A New Calling  

CategoryGreat Divide
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Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 14g, 90s, 39c
Max Coin: 15g, 99s, 44c
Nipik's Cane
Faction Changes:

After completing To the Rhythm of Our World, an othmir messenger named either Yue or Rox will approach you and offer you this quest.

  1. Speak to Nipik -1631, 0536, -2429 in Fina's Retreat.
  2. Head west into the ocean and find Osh around -1144,-549,-2664
  3. When you approach you will be attacked by a group of 3 shadowbone skeletons. Kill them.
  4. Once they are dead a level 88^ great bone lich will spawn. Kill it.
  5. Click on Osh to release his binds.
  6. After speaking to Osh you will have a 3 minute timer to return him to Nipik at -1574,-538,-2377 . This step should update when you approach.
  7. Speak to Nipik and watch the ceremony
  8. Find Nipik southeast of Osh, at a cliff overlooking the water at -1631,-503,-2276 . Speak to him.
  9. Pick up Nipik's walking stick from where he was standing.

To the Rhythm of Our World
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Great Divide
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Fina's Retreat
The End of an Era
Joy in Place of Sadness
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