Sabotage: Let Them Run Free  

Level100 (Scales)
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Puppy Crate
Puppy Crate
This is a sabotage quest given by Gil McMartin at -923, -48, 14 in The Commonlands. All of these quests take place within the City of Freeport. The quickest method to reach the city is by clicking on the manhole to The Thieves' Way at -1249, -84, 120 in the Commonlands. Inside the Thieves' Way use the grates to head into North, West, East or South Freeport.

You have 20 minutes to release 5 guard dog puppies in Freeport.

  1. The puppies are found in crates southeast of the stables in West Freeport. ( 83, -10, -39 )
  2. Return to Gil McMartin once you have completed the quest.

Qeynos Betrayal and Citizenship
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District Sabotage

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