Recycle Your Minions: Part Three  

CategoryThe Stonebrunt Highlands
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Necromonstrosity Bone Chips
Min Coin: 45g, 70s, 61c
Max Coin: 49g, 77s, 68c

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010

Confirmed on the forums 5/27/10: " not exit Damodar's dialog when completing the quest, Recycle Your Minions: Part Three. If you turn in the quest and continue speaking with Damodar, he will offer his next quest, Assisting Jaswida."

Take the Temporal Pathfinders to The Deepwater Pavilion. Once there, head to 9.18, 206.48, -167.56 and click the bones scattered on the ground. the Necromonstrosity (88^) will spawn. Kill it and loot it for your update. When you've done, use the Temporal Pathfinders to get back to the Mausoleum of Scholars and hail Damodar to complete the quest.

NOTE: There is a skull at 11.85, 206.35, -164.57 . Click it to receive Skeletal Erudite Remains and examine this for another quest, Remains of the Slain.

Recycle Your Minions: Part Two The Stonebrunt Highlands
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Mausoleum of Scholars
Assisting Jaswinda
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