A Festering Problem  

CategoryWorld Event
Required Mobs:
a sealed note

This is the second in a series of quests for Freeport characters wishing to unlock the Froglok race. It is given by Intelligence Officer Gezlowe in West Freeport after you complete the Search for the Missing quest.

The interrogations officer will you that Krafola survived the attack because a band of Qeynosians rescued and healed her. You are sent back to the Commonlands to destroy the camp at 480.05, -28.70, -870.49 .

After doing this return to the Interrogations Officer in West Freeport. He will give you a note. Read the note to open the Quelling the Rebellion quest.

This quest is part of the Froglok World Event Quest Series, originally introduced to allow players to unlock the Froglok as a playable race.

Search for the Missing Froglok
Quest Series
Quelling the Rebellion
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