An Earthy Heart  

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a clod of pure earth

This quest is part 2 of 13 for the Fabled version of the Conjuror-only Epic Weapon, Elemental Dominance.

  1. Use Query Element then Dominate Element on a docile earth elemental. You will then be given a buff which augments your vision allowing you to see the elemental plane.
    • Found in the trakanasaur alley in Kunzar Jungle, near the abandoned village. Check the location around -755, -52, 395 .
  2. Back at -755, -52, 395 there should be an elemental with the title "The Wounded" under its name. Its is a ^^^80 heroic mob. Use Query Element then Dominate Element and it will aggro. Kill it and retrieve your item off the body.
  3. Return to The Apprentice

An Airy Heart Conjuror Epic Weapon
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