Gentle Persuasion  

This quest can no longer be started in game.
Level60 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Min Coin: 3g, 23s, 29c
Max Coin: 3g, 53s, 62c
Choice Of:
Blades insignia token
Coin insignia token
Truth insignia token

This quest has been reported as obsolete.

This is one of many quests available from Tears Grifters in Maj'Dul. You are sent into a Maj'Dul Residence (they are scattered throughout Maj'Dul) to complete the following task.

You will need to kill or sneak by the NPCs in the first room. There will be a ^ dervish citizen and a ^ pet, usually a leapord, cat or monkey. After that there will be two grouped single down Maj'Dul ruffians surrounding a doorway. After killing them, enter the back room.

In there you will find either a Maj'Dul Landowner, a dervish Mercenary or a dervish citizen. You must beat them into giving you what you need. You do this by right clicking him and selecting a type of beating to administer. Most of the time they will say that they won't tell you anything, or they'll die.

If the landowner or mercenary dies or doesn't pay, leave the instance and re-enter until you finally get the quest update for them paying up.

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