A Poem to the Past  

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Koada rose
Investigator's Handbook

This is one of 3 sub-quests needed to complete "A Crusade to Faydwer" in the Swords of Destiny Quest Series.

You need to speak Koada'Dal (the language of the High Elves) to obtain this quest.

It begins in New Tunaria by examining a shield on the wall in the Hall of Truth. -310, 53.81, -858

You must find 5 coins from A Tunarian Guards. These are random updates from the Tunarian Guards in and around the Hall of Truth area.

You must find a dozen 12 Koada blooms. These are special harvestable flowers that seem to grow near trees to the rear of the Hall of Truth.

You must collect the four gazes of Koada'Vie. These are random updates from killing the A Sentry of Righteousness, the stone golems patrolling the circular area to the rear of the Hall of Truth.

Once you have collected all of these things, click on the fire in the brazier at -402, 53.07, -830.64 to summon and talk to a vision of General Jyleel and complete the quest and receive Investigator's Handbook.

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