Dismantling Haoaera: Mon Haoaera  

CategoryTimorous Deep
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 17s, 43c
Max Coin: 19s, 59c
Lucent Gem of Fortitude
Choice Of:
Scout's Cloak
Priest's Cloak
Sorcerer's Cloak
Fighter's Cloak

Enter Haoaera and kill its current leader: Mon Haoaera.

  1. Kill Mon Haoaera, who is at 1594, 187, -411 .
    • To reach him you must climb the hills at the back of the fisher's area, the circle around to a point above and behind him.

Dismantling Haoaera: Archivists Timorous Deep
Quest Series
Mok Rent
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