Cleft Scouting  

Related Zones:
Min Coin: 3g, 23s, 29c
Max Coin: 3g, 53s, 62c
Faction Changes:

This is one of the repeatable quests for the Court of Blades for faction. You are asked to head to the Cleft of Rujark and meet with a few scouts hidden around the zone. These scouts will present themselves once you get close to their location. It seems to be random as to which scouts you need to talk to.

  • Scout Fariq: +137 -7 -95 Near the zone in
  • Scout Talib: -16 -1 27 Near the elevator
  • Scout Karida: -135 -2 -103 East center of zone, end of cleft with skeletal remains
  • Scout Afif: -72 -22 -281 Northernmost room with red crystals
  • Scout Vasha: -164 -16 -232
  • Scout Mina: +33 0 +110 Southern room just west of the Pillars of Flame exit
Reward is coin and experience, +500 Blades faction and -500 to the other two court factions.

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