Delving into Fallen Gate  

This quest is given by Tundis N'Oxyle after you have completed the Key to Fallen Gate quest. Tundis is found just outside of Fallen Gate in the Commonlands.

He asks you to receover a Teir'Dal journal for him that was lost inside. Kill Tormented Battlemages in Fallen Gate until the journal eventually drops (it's a very rare spawn). You can find them around 169, 18, -120 and you may need to kill other "tormented" mobs to make them spawn. Once you have the update, return to Tundis N'Oxyle for coin and experience.

This opens up the Journal Translation For Tundis N'oxyle quest.

Key to Fallen Gate Commonlands
Quest Series
At Fallen Gate
Journal Translation For Tundis N'oxyle
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