Into the Shadowed Grove  

This quest starts by talking to Aleta Rannikko in the Aphotic Intersection area of Lesser Faydark ( +305, -20, +185 ).

Aleta wants you to explore the Shadowed Grove area, and more specifically, the Obelisk of Blight. Once inside, you must find and read six scrolls located on, under and around tables therein. Special thanks to Masticon for the following locations.

Entry Room : 138, -14, 25 Scroll on the table.

First room on Left : 90, -11, -37 Left Scroll on Table

Room with named eye: 18, 51, 0 Next to the far right corner of the table.

Hall of Zet : -48, 45, 0 On front most table furthest to the front.

Hall of Zet : -80, -5, 40 Behind chest next to where key mob is.

Last Step: The scroll is in the Hall of Axxyk'Tuur -51, -5, -80 under the display case.

Once all six are located (at least one is VERY well hidden in the last room before the boss) return to Aleta for your reward.

Lesser Faydark
Quest Series
The Aphotic Intersection

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