A Tour of the Commonlands  

Started ByBootstrutter's Field Guide to the Commonlands
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Min Coin: 22s, 51c
Max Coin: 22s, 68c
Bootstrutter's Adventure Pack

This quest is initiated by reading the book Bootstrutter's Field Guide to the Commonlands. This item is a rare drop on various mobs in Commonlands (confirmed on Vulriches, Carrion Hound Pups, Elephants, Beetles and Bloodskulls). This quest requires you to view various landmarks in the zone. You need to enter a small trigger area at the landmark which will advance the quest.

Locations to Visit

  • Turmoil Cemetary: -1301, -70, +320
    • The Cemetary just south of the Freeport gates.
  • Lonely Tower: -1317, -51, 584
    • This is a tower south from the Turmoil Commentary.
  • Dog Pond: -1000, -47, -275
    • Directly west of the zone line to the Graveyard.
  • Barrage Meadows: -1332, -80, -251
    • AKA "The Siege Lands", right by the zone to The Graveyard, where the Ghostly Orcs spawn.
  • Valor's End: -590, -49, -623
    • A ruined statue that lies on the road going NE out of the crossroads.
  • Crossroads: -488, -45, -317
    • An outpost just west of Freeport at the intersection of all the roads. Hard to miss.
  • Wailing Caves: -222, -46, -911
    • Follow the road NW out of the crossroads. When you find the marker to beware of undead, travel straight north.
  • Lucan's Mount: 10, -15, -741
    • A large rock in the middle of the lake between the nomad camps with a spiraling ramp around the outside. There is a skeleton at the top with an "your-name was here last." tag.
  • Wall of Taros: 171, -48, -690
    • An equally large rock sitting on the plain near the road just west of the lake.
  • Enlightenment Cemetery: 164, -48, -237
    • Beware of the skeletons.
  • Ruins of Valmarr: 378, -47, 338
    • Beware of everything.
  • Ring of Nature: 686, -60, -95
    • The remains of the druid teleportation ring.
  • Romiak Tower: 896, -45, -518
    • AKA "Zarvonn's Tower" - Guarded by very dangerous tortured souls.
  • Captain's Deck: 1415, -17, 285
    • This is the boat on the side of the mountain where the Dervishes are. You need to get on the top deck, this is the hardest part of quest. Prepare to die.
  • Black Gates: 1484, -38, -391
    • Inside the Yapping Maze. Just outside of Fallen Gate.

After visiting each of these areas you must visit Tome Warden K'Narn at the Academy in North Freeport. You will receive a nice chunk of experience and a ten slot container.

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