Enhancing the Patrols  

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Questgiver: Masih Najjar - She is right next to Fazir Al'Kattab at the Stonebrunt Encampment

  1. Lots of running around. The patrols can be found in the following locations and I suggest delivering them in this order:
    • 965.79, 54.46, 3612.17 (Highland Salts Patrol)
    • 2048.90, -99.91, 3705.74 (Lowland Basin Patrol. Take the Temporal Guide to Paineel, then use the lift or take the Ruins of Old Paineel Teleporter. He's a wanderer)
    • 945.94, -51.74, 3465.52 (near the druid ring in Toxxulia Forest. Best to run from The Lowland Basin)
  2. Return to Masih Najjar to complete the quest.

If you deliver them to Highland Salts, Tox Forest and then Lowland Basin you can do it as a straight run, ending near Paineel making it easy to return to Stonebrunt.

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