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Focused MCE Ray

  1. Juna asks you to condense some Dozurite to power some lamps inside of Solusek's Eye, to power the big machine in the front of the giant crater.
  2. Go down to the area with the magmatic golems, titans, and sentries ( around -166,-225,48 ). The golems start if you go through the teleporter to the giants and then head east back to the entrance.
    • Use the Focused MCE Ray that Juna gave you on the golems and sentries to make a superdense magmatic golem (70^).
    • If you get two golems be sure to kill the un-condensed one first, as you have a very short time limit for the next part!
    • When the dozurite golem dies he will drop a harvestable dozurite. It will disappear very quickly, so gather the dozurite fast. You can harvest 3-6 of them per drop if you hurry. A Sandalwood Shovel comes in handy.
  3. Once you have 30 dozurite, find a large refining machine to convert your dozurite to refined dozurite. It takes three unrefined dozurite to make one refined dozurite. There are several machines throughout the golem area. There is one at -3.3, -247.8, 39.3 , and another at -259, -239, -40 .
  4. Once you have the 10 refined Dozurite go to the tall lamps and insert the dozurite by right-clicking on them. They look like old fashioned street lamps with a glowing yellow light and are scattered throughout the upper part of Sol's Eye. Not all the lamps are clickable. These lamps are listed in order from the lowest level, working your way back up to the top. There are exactly 10 functional lamps:
    • 15,-285,90
    • -5,-250,30
    • -25,-245,30
    • -15,-240,0
    • -50,-240,-150
    • -145,-230,-85
    • -225,-240,-25
    • -300,-220,20
    • -270,-40,-190
    • -215,-20,-60
  5. Now you need to turn on the power generators so you can re-imbue the cloak. Go to the large hole near the zone entrance. On either side of the hole by the ramps at -104,11,-18 and -104,-11,68 there will be a lever. Click them both to route power to the machine.
  6. Now go to the middle of both levers where there should be spinning gears at -69,-12,25 and click the center of the machine to get the final update.
  7. Return to Juna at the Butcherblock Docks.
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