The Mystery of the Firewater Crystal  

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This quest is a sub-quest of part 1 for the Fabled version of the Berserker-only Epic Weapon, Dragon's Temper.


  • You must have prior knowledge of Ratongan in order to complete this quest.

To start this quest, find the Murk Alchemist, Vasiliy, in the Edgewater Drains below Freeport, at 85, 33, 76 , to receive this sub-quest.

  • NOTE: You must be able to speak Ratongan for this part. Also, you need to walk away backwards while looking at her when she tells you to go away. At that point you will need to pay her 2  to get info and the sub-quest.
  1. She wants you to retrieve a few items for her:
  2. These items must be returned to Vasily. Then you can buy the Firewater Crystal from her for 1 96 .

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