Scouring the Sands  

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CategorySinking Sands
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dye from an exotic dead tear plant
Min Coin: 12g, 57s, 51c
Max Coin: 12g, 79s, 82c

This is the second of the four part "Carpet Quest" series. It is given by El'Khazi, Purveyor of Fine Carpets.

You must gather the following components (all are auto-updates):

  • 10 threads of dune tarantula silk from dune tarantulas ( -751, 0, -724 )
  • Dye from the shores of the dead tear: Found by harvesting an exotic plant on an island north of The Twin Tears ( -380, -146, -1159 )
  • Ethereal Fragment of the God King: From sentinels of Anuk in The Bay of Anuk area in The Sinking Sands ( -619.55, -165.06, -1347.78 )
  • Thread from the cap of a banished titan: Kromtorrs in The Sinking Sands ( -446.99, -94.23, -352.74 )
  • A Perfectly Shaped Chitinous Needle: Dustwhip Scorpions in the Sinking Sands ( -263, 0, -898 )
  • Wisp of Air from the highest dune: -945.9, -44.31, -845.79

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