Jumjum for the Soul  

This quest starts with you hailing Nillipuss at -24.84 , -8.67 , 61.41 .

  1. He asks you to go collect some jumjum from a bixie, any Bixie inside the Tower of the Draftling will do.
  2. Return to Nillipuss and he asks you to go kill Shakey for the jumjum container , he is a semi-rare scarecrow spawn at Shakey's Farm -288.73, -0.78,-241.88 in North Rivervale , kill field frights to help spawn him.
  3. After killing Shakey head back to Nillipuss and he asks you to find Rando Vineweaver, his is in the hut with the A Lamia Assassin at -39,-10,-172 and dead on the floor.
  4. Try not to kill the lamia assasin if you can help it at this stage.
  5. Go back to Nillipuss and he asks you to take revenge and kill the assassin (hence the previous don't kill) and 50 Succubi ( lamia - assassin also counts as one).
  6. If you do kill the assassin before this step it doesn't matter , she will be respawned before you complete the 50 kills anyway.
  7. After you do this go back to Nillipuss again...
  8. Now at this stage you MUST time your hails to be exactly at the same time...one you hail and a short dialogue later he will attack your group.
  9. Killing Nillipuss gives you your choice of rewards.

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