Necromantic Research  

Necromantic Icebox

Neophyte Sairal gives you a Necromantic Icebox. Examine the icebox to receive a task; you may use the Icebox four times. You do not need to return to Sairal until you have all the samples listed. Note that if you delete one of the Icebox quests it does not count toward your four uses.

Examine the Icebox for a choice of kill tasks, as follows:

The sub-quests will auto-complete when you kill the last target, and each repetition of these sub-quests rewards +100 faction with City of Paineel and +100 faction with Seekers of the Dark Truth.

You can do each quest four times, then it becomes unavailable. When you have done each quest offered four times then examine the item one more time to receive the final quest, Necromantic Research - Delivery.

The Sundered Frontier
Quest Series
Necromantic Research - Vermin
Necromantic Research - Wayward Stonevines
Necromantic Research - Toxxulia Prowlers
Necromantic Research - Turbulent Knots
Necromantic Research - Malignant Seedlings
Necromantic Research - Toxic Goiters
Necromantic Research - Feathered Vagabonds
Necromantic Research - Snaptail Devourers
Necromantic Research - Wadi Scavengers
Necromantic Research - Stoneslough Coilers
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