A Friendly Splash  

You must first complete Steps to Acceptance before Diu will offer this quest.

Speak to Diu at -1569,-539,-2340 within Fina's Retreat in the Great Divide.

  1. Break snow and gather ice chunks. These are big sparkly snow boulders that drop 3 chunks of snow when you click to break them. Known locations:
    • -1544,-537,-2337
    • -1450, -511, -2281
    • -1433,-529,-2294
    • -1415,-537,-2308
    • -1360, -529, -2328
  2. Speak to Diu
  3. Click the bowl next to Diu at -1571,-538,-2341 . You will receive festival water.
  4. Splash 7 othmir villagers in Fina's Retreat. This works on most of the wandering NPCs, such as pups, villagers, menders and patrollers, but will not work on ones with special names nor on mothers carrying babies on their back.
  5. Return to Diu to complete the quest.

Great Divide
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Fina's Retreat
A Cure for the Common Cold
Preparing Oneself
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