A Predestined Fate  

This quest starts in Greater Faydark by talking to Rooleean Felodaan once you have completed "A Small Testament".

Rooleean tells you to wait while he examines the components you have provided him with for the ritual destruction of the void crystals. After talking to him some, he completes the ritual, or so it seems. He reveals that all of your questing was an elaborate plot to gain the Orb of Tunare, and that the void crystals were just a ruse.

After trying, unsuccessfully, to convince him to return the Orb, he becomes alive and attacks you. Rooleean is a Level 71 ^^^ with a LOT of health. A small group with at least one healer and dps is advised.

After defeating Rooleean, you receive a recharged Orb of Tunare, and must next go to Arloona next to the Great Tree in Lesser Faydark (around -247, -56.5, -384 ).

You tell her that you had to kill Rooleean, and as a reward, she offers to bestow the Orb upon you, as she cannot protect it. At this point, the quest line is complete, and you are offered your choice of four rewards and 57,149 status .

A Small Testament Goddess, Orb, and Void
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