In Search of the Feerrott (Qeynos)  

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This quest is no longer required for early access to the Feerrott.

Qeynos players will receive this quest from Boulden Smitestone in the Qeynos Harbor and Freeport players receive it from Slaughtergrott the Vigilant at the docks in East Freeport.

  1. Near Blood Ore Valley in Zek, the Orcish Wastes find an Orc Cartographer and his bodyguards pathing around. Kill them. ( 328, 14, -62 )
  2. After the others fall that the Orc Cartographer is now a hailable NPC. Speak to him and he will fess up some information.
  3. Eliminate the Catapult threat. Do this by killing three groups of Tallon Catapult Operators near the docks. Clear three different groups of them.
  4. Find and kill General Lutzgorg in Zek. General Lutzgorg is a triggered spawn, and is found just inside the Mill House. He is level 34 with some berserker guards. ( -397, -28, -295 )
  5. After killing him head to the docks in The Thundering Steppes.
  6. Good aligned players speak to Boulden Smitestone at the docks, whereas evil aligned players speak to Slaughtergrott the Vigilant. This will complete the quest.

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