The Stormfather  

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a portal seed
Min Coin: 27g, 35s, 22c
Max Coin: 30g, 38s, 25c
Cloak of Storms
Faction Changes:

This is the final quest in the Karana deity series.

Note: The game lists this quest as heroic. However, it was soloed at level 75 by a Defiler.

Askr sends you to Lake of Ill Omen in Fens of Nathsar to summon the Avatar of Storms. This is the cloak quest.

  1. Go to Lake of Ill Omen in Fens of Nathsar, find altar of Karana on the shore, between where the yha-lei are and Omen's Call. 146.86,-119.18,146.23

  2. Use the portal seeds to create a portal for Askr to come through. Place in your hotbar or right click on them in your inventory.

  3. Askr casts to summon the Avatar of Storms. Fight the three grouped elementals which spawn as Askr casts. You must keep him alive. If he dies, you must recast the portal seeds again to bring him through again.

  4. Askr warns the Avatar of Bertoxxulous will try to kill the Avatar of Storms as it manifests. Fight alongside Askr. He fights Avatar of Bertoxxulous while you attack and fight the two mobs which spawn with it. No matter what you do, Askr will die.

  5. Avatar of Storms will finish off Avatar of Bertoxxulous. Speak with it and it'll resurrect Askr.

  6. Speak to Askr, finish the quest and gain your cloak - Cloak of Storms.

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The walkthrough info in this article came from this thread on the eq2players forums by Pheep.

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