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CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Creepy Creatures Catalog

This is a Guide Quest. On Live servers it can only be received from a Guide. On Test there are no guides so NPCs exist there to give out the quests. Any information regarding starting zone and mob are from Test.

This quest is given out by Volunteer Guides during Nights of the Dead. On Test servers it is given by Falcra Nightwanderer on the Nektulos Forest docks.

You must catalog the following monsters:

In The Commonlands, some of these creatures can be found west of The Wailing Caves, around -133, -44, -864 .

In Antonica, all of these creatures can be found just outside of Blackburrow at -1466, -3, 857 and beyond the waterfall to the east of Blackburrow at -1814, -14, 826 . Starting at the waterfall and going west is the fastest way to complete this quest.


Creepy Creatures Catalog

Nights of the Dead

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