A Friend in Need  

This quest is given by Nethet ( -1272, -88, 61 ) before he will give you info for the The Mysterious Missing Shipment quest.

He asks you to go check on his friend Nikora. Nikora can be found hiding behind a rock to the east of the Wailing Caves in Commonlands ( -384, 0, -864 ). Nikora is being stalked by Blackshield Assassins and asks you to kill 20 of them for him. They are found to the south of him at -472.52, -42.73, -830.47 .

After completing this task you can return to Nethet. Nethet will then ask you to deliver a note to Jereth Blackshield ( -388.83, -58.51, -878.16 ). When you do this, three Blackshield Thugs will spawn and attack you. Kill them and return to Nethet to complete the quest.

The Mysterious Missing Shipment The Commonlands
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