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This is the second quest in the Karana deity series.

Askr sends you to search for the keys to the Tomb of Te'Anara in The Thundering Steppes and bring back the Shard of the Rainkeeper.

  1. Search for tomb off the southern coast of Thundering Steppes. Take the griffin to Coldwind station. The tomb is literally just off the beach at Coldwind Cove, underwater. You can use the griff tower as a landmark, head into the water and slightly right of it. There are Rallosian ghosts around the tomb, but they don't seem to have any part of the quest. Loc: 386.32, -77.47, 1429.44
  2. Search the bags around the tomb, clickies on the ground. The gold key to the tomb is found.
  3. Seek out the Unkempt Druids near Ruins of Karana for more info on the other key. Take the Griffon to the South East Station, then run East, they're up on the rock wall. You will have to kill the group of A Fanatical Rangers that are standing with Eilwyn Loamskin Loc: -692.19, 12.05, 552.26
  4. Speak to the Eilwyn to convince her to give you the key. She tells you to find the key which is in one of the boxes on the ground near her. Find the silver key to the tomb.
  5. Go back to the tomb and click on it to open. Click on it again to gain the Shard of the Rainkeeper.

You can now return to Askr for your choice of jewelry reward and to open up the next quest in the series, Shards of Frost and Fire.

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The walkthrough info in this article came from this thread on the eq2players forums by Pheep.

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