Kindred Spirit  

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CategoryNektulos Forest
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Min Coin: 1g, 26s, 57c
Max Coin: 1g, 40s, 97c

This is part of the evil character progressional quests for the Bloodline Chronicles. It is given by Laren Jadefire at the evil camp in Nektulos Forest ( 423, 27, -1477 ). The quest takes place inside The Tombs of Night.

The first step is to find and plunder an ornate sarcophagus and an elegant sarcophagus in The Tombs of Night:

Ornate: +27, -23, +89 Elegant: -69, 0, +103

After inspecting both sarcophagus, Qaseid S'Ryd will spawn. He is a level 35 vampire. Kill him and the quest will advance.

After this you must kill:

  • 10 Neonate Vapmires (near the elegant sarcophagus)
  • 5 Adherant Vampires: -3, -24, +97
  • 5 Bloodsworn Vampires: -64, -24, 17

After doing this return to Laren Jadefire in Nektulos Forest for coin and experience.

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