Filling the Coffers  

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Mnemir's Taxes
Min Coin: 10s, 18c
Max Coin: 10s, 32c
Faction Changes:

  1. Captain Feralis tasks you to collect taxes from residents of the Ratonga village and the Kerra village in Common Lands. These villages are a little way South (and a touch West) from the Crossroads - just follow the road south out of the Crossroads and it will lead you straight to the Ratonga Village. The Kerra Village is in sight across the river from there.
  2. Once at the villages there are little mail boxes on the walls of the houses (next to the doorways into each house). These are now clickable and right clicking them will give you the option to check the mailbox for taxes.
  3. Most will have the full taxes in but some need you to go speak with the resident to get the full payment.
  4. One rat is very reluctant to pay and you will have to rough him up a bit to get his taxes - right click on him and select kick or punch - it took 4 beatings to get him to cough up the cash.
  5. Once you have all the taxes then go back to Captain Feralis for a cash reward and more faction with The Freeport Militia.

He will also offer the next quest in the series - Ventar T'Kal

Captain Feralis Commonlands
Quest Series
West Freeport Gate
Ventar T'Kal
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