In the Name of Prestige  

CategoryOutpost of the Overlord
Related Zone:
Required Mobs:
Min Coin: 55c
Max Coin: 63c
Arker's belt pouch
Parchment Scrap (Right click this item to examine it)

This quest is given by Charles Arker at the Outpost of the Overlord (+198, -3, +142). He will give you a parchment scrap. Examine it (right click it from inventory) to advance the quest.

You must then slay 3 Tunarian Horse Sentries. These can be found to the west. After slaying them examine the parchment again.

You must then slay 4 Wilderbear Cubs. After doing this examine the parchment again.

The third task is to slay 3 Wilderbears (fully grown ones). After doing this, examine the parchment again.

Finally return to Charles Arker to complete the quest. This also opens up the In The Name of Honor quest.

Isle of Refuge
Quest Series
In the Name of Honor
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